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Tea Drinking Tips

Drinking tea has many benefits, to get the greatest benefit from incorporating tea into your daily routine, we suggest the following tips: 

1. Drink tea right after brewing. The flavor and nutrient content diminishes over time due to oxidation, so drink it hot!

2. We recommend the first 1 or 2 infusions to be 5-7 seconds and then increase steeping (brewing) time up to your likening. 

3. Limit brewing time and the amount of tea leaves you brew if you want to enjoy tea throughout the day. Drinking too much strong tea can cause an upset stomach and/or insomnia, so experiment with your favorite teas to minimize any negative effects.

History of Tea

According to legend, tea was first brewed in 2737 BC, while China’s Emperor Shennong was on the march with his army. While resting, the Emperor’s servant boiled water for him to drink. A dead leaf from a wild tea bush happened to fall into the boiling water and was unknowingly presented to the Emperor. He drank it and found it to be very refreshing, thus tea came into being.


General Benefits Associated With Drinking Tea

Tea has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. Tea contains antioxidants which may help to slow free radicals which lead to aging, cancer, diabetes and more. It is also generally accepted that tea improves brain function, blood circulation and metabolism (for weight loss).

Boring Legal Stuff

Important Disclaimer:

We recommend tea-drinking for the experience of sitting alone or with friends to enjoy the endless varieties and flavors of tea and NOT for any real or perceived health benefits. While there are centuries of empirical evidence and tradition, each person must decide for themselves the validity of any health benefits.