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Jasmine Pearl 100 gr bag (Scented Green Tea)

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Jasmine Pearl (scented Green tea):

Jasmine tea was created about 1500 years ago. This tea is made by blending Jasmine flower petals with green tea leaves. It is the most famous scented tea in all of China.


Our Jasmine tea comes from Fujian Province, China. Jasmine “Pearl” tea is named for the way it is prepared, compared to other Jasmine varieties, as the flowers and tea leaves are blended together and stored overnight. The process is repeated to increase

the intensity of the tea’s fragrance and flavor. Our Jasmine tea has a semi-cloudy, yellowish coloring and intense Jasmine flower smell. The taste is of delicate white flowers.


Much like Green tea, Jasmine tea is lighter and can be enjoyed all day on it’s own. However, Jasmine tea has been known to cause insomnia, therefore, nighttime consumption is not recommended.


Health Benefits associated with Jasmine tea:

Same benefits of drinking Green tea. Additionally, purported benefits to the digestive system, immune system, relieves anxiety, depression, tension and headaches. The smell of Jasmine flowers has also been known to act as a mild sedative, reducing the

heart rate.