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  • Piao I Tea Pot

    $35.00 $27.00

    This product gets the QV Life stamp of approval!

    "Piao I" is the original and their design and quality has set the standard!

    Perfect for home or your office workstation, this product is all in one, with an infuser inside the teapot, allowing you to simply add your loose leaf tea into the top of the infuser and pour hot water in, it's simple. The clear glassware allows you to watch your tea brew and when it's brewed to your satisfaction, just press the button on top and watch the tea drain into the chamber below. No mess, no extra cups, paper filters or equipment needed. Clean and neat, this product is just the right size to be on your desk space and enjoy various QV Life teas all day long! Plus, the convenient top lid serves as a no drip coaster for the infuser. Place it off to the side, while the teapot serves as an ideal drinking glass to enjoy your tea.

    Piao I Tea Pot Instruction Video